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There are three main types of talk therapy which you can undertake with a trained counselor:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) —this helps a person recognize negative ideas and behavioral patterns and replace them with positive ones. CBT can quickly bring important changes to a person's daily life and outlook for the future. This system works for any condition such as depression or behavioral problems with children
  • Interpersonal therapy (IPT) — focuses on working through difficult personal, familial and social relationships that may contribute to a person's condition. By learning how to deal with past events more effectively, a person may be able to reduce his conflict in daily life and gain support from family and friends. You might learn how to confront the person and make amends and they will not control you any longer.
  • Psychodynamic therapy — helps a person take a focused look within himself or herself to uncover and understand emotional conflicts that may be contributing to his or her condition. This therapy will bring you back to your childhood and take note of how you were raised and how you attended school.

Some simple tips which you can do yourself to feel better about entering the social scene include:

  • Avoid all stimulants such as caffeine, liquor and drugs before heading out.
  • Get a good night’s sleep in order to be refreshed for the day.
  • Remove the television from the bedroom and make it a haven for sleep only.
  • Avoid any sedative drugs which will dull your senses and judgment.
  • Visualize what the party or meeting will look like, imagine how you will look, imagine yourself talking to other people and eating in front of them.
  • The more you practice these visualizations the more capable you will be when you arrive.

Social Anxiety Disorder is very real and very curable if it is approached in the proper way.

Social Anxiety Disorder. Garden Grove, CA

                     Most everyone has some degree of nervousness when we are asked to attend a party or speak in front of a large group of people. It can be a daunting task to deliver a speech to your classmates while in high school. However, many of us can talk ourselves into doing the presentation or meeting new people before the event. We are pleased when we conduct ourselves well and we are greeted with applause or a friendly gesture.
There are those among us who cannot conceive of going to a party, dance or out for supper, unless it is  with a trusted, close family member for any reason possible. This group of people have developed a disorder which is quite common called Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) and it is truly painful for them to enter into a social situation anywhere. From the time they were teenagers they have probably foregone invitations to go on dates, to dances or to their own graduation ceremonies. As adults they will go to work but come home immediately thereafter and not socialize after hours with anyone.
If you have SAD, Social Anxiety Disorder, you might spend hours thinking of excuses not to go to the meetings in other cities, attend family dinners for the holidays or simply go grocery shopping. You fixate on how you will look to others and talk to others and how they will perceive you. You visualize that they will think you dressed all wrong or said something disdainful and that you will have to leave. So why bother going in the first place?
SAD differs from agoraphobia, the fear of leaving one’s home, because you can leave your home to look after your family or go to work but you do just that and not a minute more. You take your children to school or to lessons but you might not choose to join the PTA or take a lesson yourself for fear of what might happen. It is most likely that you were a very shy teenager or had a very critical parent. Luckily medical doctors can assist with medication and there are many counselors who can assist you with this condition.


Many People in Garden Grove, CA Suffer From An Anxiety Disorder

Keep a journal of your daily activities and how you felt about each one on a scale of 0-10, zero being very distressed to ten being very relaxed and calm. It may show up that you dislike certain activities which turn you into a panic, such as grocery shopping, while tending your garden would be a 10 or very relaxing. Ask a close family member to accompany you to do the shopping and make a list of what you need instead of roaming the aisles aimlessly.
Talk to your spouse and children about your condition and tell them that you need help just as you would if you had diabetes or cancer. It will take lots of conversations with them but children are very forgiving and they understand most concepts. They have probably learned about it at school or they know someone whose parent is going through the same thing. Rely on your immediate family to understand and help you out.