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So, what is internet addiction and how can it be helped or solved? It follows the same definition; if you use the computer or the internet to the extreme, compulsive and non-stop use for most of your waking day and miss important functions such as eating, bathing, working, attending school or family functions, then you might be considered internet addicted. If you exhibit these behaviours on a consistent daily basis for any amount of time, weeks, days or months, then you are internet addicted. If the personal or family life is affected and you have lost your job because of your obsession to the internet, if your wife or husband seeks a separation or divorce, then you are most likely internet addicted.
Why do people become addicted to the internet to the extent that it ruins their lives? It is like a high which comes from drugs or food; you have to have it, you can’t wait to use it and you can’t be coerced to leave it. The internet fills a void in that person’s life which cannot be sealed by outside friends, co-workers or spouses and children. It could be that it is a teenager who is awkward with real social events but has a whole raft of friends with whom he chats on the internet. A house-wife, who is busy looking after children but spends a lot of time on the internet chatting with her friends or a male friend on a dating site, can be addicted to the internet.
An internet gaming addiction is quite possibly the most debilitating form of this disease. Adults think they can win online poker games, bingo games and much more and they use their credit cards to buy more turns. Teenagers turn to games on the internet to play vicious, murderous games which takes the onus off of them to go out and socialize with real people. Their playing friends become their family in their minds.
Internet addiction must be treated the same as any other addiction. The person has to take responsibility for his or her actions, attend counselling, wean himself away from the games and websites, and start to form relationships with someone or something other than a computer. Medical intervention may be required. Seek help for your loved one and do your utmost to reach a happy ending.

Help For Internet Addiction : Anaheim

                    In today’s society we are constantly barraged by new technology and mechanisms which we did not know of when we were children. We might have had a television or a radio and a telephone but that was the extent to which we were savvy of the technology of the world. Then computers were introduced in the mid 1900’s and they were huge, cumbersome pieces of equipment that had a room of their own at the office or sat on a table in your house. Very few people could afford their own computer and monitor or printer.
Now, it seems that every home has a computer and almost everyone is computer savvy which goes beyond our wildest imagination. The huge computer no longer sits on a table but a laptop can be carried from room to room or from the car to the cafe. Computers are the lifeline for businesses, shipping companies and for global transactions. It seems that no one can conduct business nor receive your order without a computer operation.
Children are very capable of using computers since they are taught at an early age at home to play games and learn educational materials while at the computer. When they enter school, they are expected to know how to login and go directly to a word processing program and to do research on a subject for a paper or a novel study. Strict rules are usually enforced for students to not allow them to access websites which contain adult material or chat rooms.


Gaming Addiction In Anaheim Is More Common Than You Might Think

So what is internet addiction? Well first of all let’s discuss addictions in general and try to ascertain what they are and whom they affect. The normal use of something is fine when it does not interfere with your everyday responsibilities. The line in the sand or powerful addiction for a number of resources occurs when you can no longer exist without that resource, you are a regular or steady user of that resource and it interferes with your family life, your job and your health.
We have all heard about drug or alcohol addictions and how they can take a normally rational man or woman and make then into a homeless, weather-beaten, non-functioning human being who does nothing but worry about his or her next fix. They might steal from people, trade or turn to prostitution for money to buy more drugs or alcohol. They rarely eat and all the money they get goes towards their drug of choice.
The same can be said food or sex addictions, gambling or any other obsessive behaviour such as smoking. To most people, it would seem simple to stop those behaviours and just quit cold turkey but that is often not the case. You often have to attend AAA meetings, counselling or enter a rehabilitation program which is very expensive. But it is all worth it if you can beat the addiction to which you are strapped.