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Arguments can erupt in the best of marriages so if you find yourself involved in a small fight, see what happens when your fiancé becomes angry or hurt. Can he handle not being right all the time or number one? Depending on where you have chosen to live, can you bear to leave your own relatives and move far away so that you rarely see your hometown or friends, high school chums or familiar places? Even if your fiancé is from somewhere in the same country there may be certain holidays or occasions where you will be expected to attend these family functions.
Finally, our cultural and personality genes are built into us before we are born and are instilled in us before the age of ten years. No amount of preparedness or education is going to be able to turn your whole world on its axis to leave it behind and forsake it for your intended. Cross cultural marriages are very rewarding and breathtaking. It is up to both partners to make sure that you are fully aware of the factors which may influence your marriage.
Cross cultural marriage is an exciting and magical voyage which can succeed with proper training and counselling. It is tantamount that you both attend marriage counselling at your chosen church or with someone in private practise. There are usually some six week courses which both married and unmarried couples can attend to strengthen their bond. If your intended does not want to attend, that should be a red flag about your upcoming nuptials.
Take a trip to meet the parents of your future spouse and see how you are made to feel welcome. Become accustomed to their culture and ways of everyday little things so that you can better understand the upbringing of your fiancé. If there is tension, ask what is the matter and you might find out that they had wished their daughter or son was marrying someone within the same culture. That can lead to further constructive conversations. It is better to know now rather than later.
Take your fiancé out to meet friends, neighbours and co-workers so that she will not feel lonely and miserable while you are at work. If the parents find out that she is in anguish with staying home alone all day, the marriage might be in trouble. It is your obligation to make sure that your intended feels warmth and acceptance from family, friends and neighbours. That will help to make your marriage stronger and happier.


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Cross Cultural Marriages Irvine

                     In any culture, marriage is difficult at the best of times. Married couples today have their hands full with jobs, mortgages, children and parents to look after. Add to that, today’s economy and job loss which makes everyone very tense and full of anguish. That is true of most marriages today which are within the same culture, without a lot of other factors to consider.
A cross cultural marriage, as rewarding and loving as it is, requires preparation and forethought. You may be the greatest person in the world, in your city or town and in your family, but there are many factors to consider before you can marry someone from another culture. Having said that, many cross cultural marriages have succeeded and are long lasting; but they take work and preparation before they take the big step. It is true for any marriage, cross cultural or not.
Here are some guidelines to consider before becoming engaged or married in a cross cultural relationship:
Make sure that you have good open communication and open lines of talking things over. Ask questions of each other such as where you will live and with whom.  American marriages sometimes require you to move away from your own core family group and you might see your relatives less often. But some other cultures require you to live with the parents and support them in their golden years.


In Santa Ana, Irvine, Costa Mesa, and surrounding cities, cross cultural marriages are commonly found.

Are you aware of the minute cultural differences which the family of your fiancé practises?  Finances are often a sore point in any marriage so lay it out on the table and make sure that you know how much your fiance makes, if there is an outstanding debt or if he or she continues to work after marriage and what are your goals for the future.
Children of a cross cultural marriage are a blessing.  Consideration needs to be given to what language or in what religion they will be raised as well as who will be the main caregiver? There may be differences in how you will support and discipline the children which you need to sort out before marriage. In some cultures, you live in a huge extended family and everyone raises your child. Grandparents, aunts and uncles and more have a hand in how your child grows up and attends school. That can be very convenient when you both have to work.